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Do Plus Size and Curvy Women Do Boudoir? ABSOLUTELY! Boudoir isn’t about being a size 2 or size 22! It’s about self-love, confidence in your own skin, and feeling empowered. It has nothing to do with height size or any other label we use. It’s time we embrace our Plus-size and Curvy body. Ready? Here are the 10 Tips For Plus Size & Curvy Boudoir Sessions.

Boudoir is meant to be free, free of judgment, and social norms or expectations. Our clients at Corey Brandon Boudoir are everyday Houston women from Stay-at-Home-Moms to CEOs. My clients want to do a session to celebrate a milestone birthday, marriage, divorce, weight loss/health change, or just because it’s fun and makes you feel amazing. Sometimes, we forget we don’t need a reason to treat ourselves, and who wouldn’t love to have their hair and makeup done by the best artists in Houston? Seriously?!?

What woman doesn’t love the excitement of buying new clothes, adorning their body in sexy lingerie, and transforming into a confident, powerful, femme badass or sultry seductress? In case you haven’t met her already, it’s the introduction to your fierce alter ego!!! Plus-size boudoir photography is all about confidence.

Feeling Confident? Let’s Do This!

Plus Size Lingerie – The Do’s & Don’t

Tip 1: DO Shapewear
Shapewear is going to be your best friend when it comes to boudoir. Choose carefully, though. Not all shapewear is designed with you in mind, so try to stay away from thongs when you’re choosing your outfits. Something I strongly suggest is to invest in some Spanx. Yep, those Spanx. Not only are these a flattering addition to any woman’s wardrobe, but they can actually be worn under your lingerie to shape and smooth your curves. ​

Tip 2: DON’T Bright/Neon Colors and Busy Patterns
Busy Patterns often time bring your eyes directly to the areas you may be trying to minimize, Instead of patterns and prints let my expert posing draw your eyes into the art that we will create.

Tip 3: DO Bodysuits
Bodysuits are great because they let you express your sensuality without worrying about those little areas you’re self-conscious about. When you’re looking for the perfect bodysuit, play around with different textures and colors to see what’s the most flattering. While black will forever be a classic, you might just find that bright red perfectly matches your playful personality.

Tip 4: DON’T Baby Dolls/Gowns
Baby dolls and nightgowns are comfortable, yes but often don’t do anything to help enhance your figure. Often times loose fabrics can be very unflattering 

Tip 5: DO Corsets
The best part of curves? Corsets. Corsets, of course, are one of the better-known boudoir styles, but the key here is to get the perfect size. As a general rule, you’ll want to measure your natural waist and then select a corset that’s 7-10 inches smaller. Corsets are a great way to boost the girls and enhance their curves, just make sure you’re lacing into the right size for the best look!

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Posing for Curvy girls

Posing is one of the largest factors of a successful boudoir session. As your photographer that specializes in curvy & plus-size boudoir, it’s my job to focus on what YOU love about YOU! That can be key features such as your eyes, lips, hips, or ass-sets. By doing so we naturally draw attention away from your least favorite features such as a double chin or muffin top. Negative thoughts about ourselves can easily mask our inner and outer beauty. As an artist who specializes in boudoir, I pride myself on working with you to enhance the beauty you were born with and unveiling the goddess you’ve perhaps yet to see!

Another essential factor in posing is the outfit. Simple tricks like using shapewear can help to flatter your curves while giving you a nice hourglass shape. I’m also big on oversized sweaters and shirts, as well as my favorite of them all– bodysuits.

Bodysuits often are stitched in a way that slims the waist and accentuates your bust. Not to mention, they photograph extremely well and are therefore a staple outfit in all my boudoir sessions.

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Curvy Boudoir posing example right and wrong
Best Boudoir posing ideas to hide problem areas

How to Flatter Your Curvaceous Shape? Angles, Angles, Angles

Tip 6: Shoot From Above – The higher the angle the more sliming it looks.
At 6’5, this task comes easily to me, I naturally tend to shoot from above for most of my clients.

Tip 7: Turn Slightly to The Side – The Famous 3/4 turn. Turning slightly to the side can help make you appear slimmer. Still not convinced? Go stand in front of the mirror and look at yourself straight on. Next, turn slightly to the right or left, with your shoulders pointed toward the mirror. Tahdaaaa, you’re slimmer! This pose is guaranteed to accentuate your figure and curves.

Tip 8: Focus On The Eyes – Our natural inclination is to search for eyes and hands when we see people in photographs. The eyes capture our attention, drawing us into the image. While shooting boudoir, one of my key focal points is the eyes.

Tip 9: Details Details Details – From the patterns of lace in lingerie to the accent pieces of jewelry, to your lashes and makeup, all of these details are essential in creating the perfect final boudoir look. These intricate details tell your story, they’re like the ambiance at your favorite restaurant or the sound of the crowd at a ballgame. The details not only enhance the outcome of the final product, but they create a deeper intimate connection while distracting the eyes from your not-so-favorite features.

Tip 10: Point Your Toes
To achieve this slimming pose effect, shift your weight on the back foot, bend your leg slightly, place your hands on your hips, and glow.

Boudoir photoshoot laying down in a chair with a beautiful background

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You Were Made Beautiful (& Voluptuous) – Embrace It

Embracing one’s own beauty sounds like a simple enough concept, doesn’t it? Yet all too often, women share their struggles with insecurity and in some cases self-identity. They detail how the flaws they see make them feel and how it affects their ability to not so easily transform into their boudoir shoot. These types of conversations led me to my passion for making sure that every woman I encounter knows that she is beautiful just the way she is.


As a photographer, drawn to the art of boudoir, I envision each female physique as beautiful. Each figure is comprised of its own distinctive curvatures and each curve tells a story. When coupled with natural imperfections and flaws, beautifully photographed masterpieces are made. My artistic mission is to help women shed any layer of doubt in their canvased beauty.


If my perspective is not convincing enough though, consider this. In every facet of life, women are in some way, shape, or form endeared for their beauty. A woman is the birther of life. Within her is the ability to inspire, incite, and uplift. Her detailed intricacies are always on display. You were made a beautiful Queen, it’s time to embrace it.


Embrace that your beauty lies beyond the surface of your outward appearance. Realize that it begins within the innermost part of you and radiates out. Your beauty is a light that shines through your smile, fiercely snapping through your striking poses. It is reflective of the spiritual warrior within that challenges you to rise to your highest level of the desired potential. Your beauty is the vibe you get dancing in the mirror as if no one’s watching. It’s that sensual sensation you because your skin is now soft and supple after a fresh body cleansing. Your individuated beauty is the totality of your reflection in the glass. As you grow, evolve, and survive you are in continual transformation. This constant cycle of transformation writes your story. A story that only you can tell.


Embrace all of you. Step into yourself and continue to learn yourself, trusting that you have it all within you already. Don’t compare yourself to the characteristics of any other woman. Trust in the fact that there is no such thing as perfection. You are a powerful, resilient woman, made beautifully. I can’t wait to see you embrace it.

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