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Boudoir is a French word that translates to a woman’s bedroom or private sitting room. So, does a Boudoir Photoshoot mean bedroom photoshoot? Not by a long shot. Let’s talk about it.

At Corey Brandon Boudoir, I define boudoir as an empowering experience that allows women to find confidence, beauty, and power in their own skin. Boudoir is a very personal and intimate form of photography. It is an artistic expression in which you allow your photographer to transform you into a living canvas. Each photo expresses stories of self-love, self- discovery, and the re-discovery of the woman within.

It is my ultimate goal to ensure that you embrace boudoir as not just a photoshoot, but an experience. The encounter that you will have with the woman behind the lens will amaze you. You will not leave my studio the same woman in which you came. I’m here to cheer you on every step of the way of your journey.

So Why Should I Do A Boudoir Session?

Let’s start with the obvious – you deserve it!

YES, I said it. You deserve it. You’re present, showing up every day for life, and all the responsibilities that come with it. You’ve earned it! If that isn’t convincing enough, here’s a few more reasons:

1. It’s a great gift idea for your significant other.

Whether you’re getting ready to tie the knot, celebrating an anniversary, birthday, or commemorating any other special moment, this will be a classic gift and a great lifetime memory.

2. Marking Milestones!

Every decade is a milestone. Many women love to capture their milestones from the ’20s to the infamous half-century marker of 50 and beyond. The age milestone doesn’t stand by its lonesome. With the strides many women are making these days dropping and keeping their weight off, this is a great way to show off that progress and strut your stuff. We’re marking those weight loss milestones too!

3. Shopping!!!

So you love to shop? Here’s a great excuse to do what you love and grab some lingerie while you’re at it. It’s a great time to add to your current collection or start one if you haven’t already. Once you get started, you’re sure to get lost in the array of sexy options available for every shape, size, and curve.

4. There’s a remnant of healing.

If you’ve recently gone through a trauma and survived, there’s cause for a celebration. What better way to celebrate this moment than to unveil yourself in all of your empowered and liberated glory?

How Do I Find The Right Photographer?

Great news, if you’re reading this blog, you most likely already have!!! If you’re in greater Houston or any of the surrounding areas, my team and I would love to guide you through this empowering experience. If you’re interested in having your photographer travel to you, I do that too!

Once you’ve made a decision that you’re ready to take this amazing journey, it’s important to find the right photographer. Here are some key points to consider in your search:

• Does my photographer give me a sense of comfort and trust?

• Is their work good quality? Are their supporting “real” reviews?

• Do they have experience posing my body Shape, and size?

• Are they local to me?

• Are they available? or are they booked too far out.

• Does there brand match my values and how I want to be photographed?

At Corey Brandon Boudoir, our first meeting is an introduction to establish a sense of comfort, trust, and understanding. To make sure you are as comfortable as possible before the day of the shoot, I do my best to cover all the bases of what you can expect. I introduce you to the spaces you’ll be shooting in, give you a glimpse of what your day will be like, and give you a chance to sit down with me and ask all your questions. Even the tough stuff! Remember, this is all about you!

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Do I Have To Be Photographed Nude?

Absolutely not! Prior to your session, you will decide whether you want to do a fully nude, implied nude, or a mix of both. Please know that I will never pressure you to do anything you aren’t comfortable doing.

Boudoir is created for the appreciation of you. If you want to bare it all as a tool of empowerment and self-love, do it! On the reverse, if you prefer a more modest or simple sultry effect, that works too. Bottom line, it’s your thing, do what you want to do! No matter what direction you go in, the end result is sure to be nothing short of amazing!

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Can I Just Do It Myself?

So let’s be honest, with the latest phones you can absolutely take some pretty good booty shots and selfies. If you wanted to jump right in, you could actually check out some of my favorite poses, tips, and tricks on my TikTok account.

Even with all the cool technology and the right angles, these images won’t give you the true power of the boudoir session. There’s still nothing like getting glammed up, having my team cater to you from wardrobe to styling, and being expertly posed and directed so that your images are WOW! I know you’ll say “I didn’t know I could look that good!” when they see your images for the first time during your image reveal.

Trust me, one of the most rewarding parts of boudoir is the moment clients see themselves in art. Every reaction is unique but they are always filled with genuine appreciation. Nothing compares to the awe of women simply seeing themselves in a way they never imagined possible.

You deserve that same feeling! Did I say that already? Just thought I’d remind you!

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How Much Does It Cost?

Boudoir sessions can range in price. I’ve seen some session retainers starting at $599. Our sessions begin at $349 and include hair, makeup, and the photoshoot. Albums, prints, wall -art, and digitals are additional.

Your products are available for purchase at your ordering appointment which is approx 1-2 weeks after your session date. During this time your photos are fully edited and retouched. When you see them for the first time they are certain to be breathtaking and stunningly beautiful!

Want to learn more about albums and pricing? Schedule your complimentary consultation and we’ll chat all about it!

What Do Other Women Say About Their Boudoir Sessions?

With my love for boudoir, I could go on for hours about why every woman should book a session. The best part is you don’t have to just take my word for it. Check out some of these amazing testimonials and live videos from clients who’ve had the experience!

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Corey Brandon Boudoir Photography Google My Business review by Alessandra Bujanda
Corey Brandon Boudoir Photography Google My Business reviews
Corey Brandon Boudoir Photography Google My Business review by Raven Stewart
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video of behind-the-scenes posing and private image reveal
video of private image reveal

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