I never thought in a million years that I’d be a boudoir photographer, it wasn’t until during one of my first family portrait sessions I was asked to do a boudoir maternity shoot. I said ok not knowing what the heck a boudoir was. Once the session started I instantly fell in love it was amazing I got to story-tell through my photography and create something more than art it was an experience it was intimate and personal. I find it rewarded to play a big role in someone’s life whether we are marking a milestone birthday, weightloss, a marriage, or divorce. I get to give an experience that some people live their whole lives without feeling what it feels like to be celebrated just for you not who you are whose mom you are, whose wife you are, or what accomplishments you have. Just you!

Below I have attached some of my client testimonies sharing their excitement after experiencing something like this for the first time.


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