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There’s a lot of talk out there about women’s empowerment and accepting yourself as you are, especially in the boudoir industry. But being confident in yourself isn’t just something you wake up one day and decide to do its a goal to strive for each and every day. Letting go of your insecurities and feeling […]

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I am so pleasantly surprised with my session with Corey. It was such an amazing experience. I was inspired to book a session with him, because I saw his work come across my feed and the women looked absolutely stunning and sexy. I was just getting out of a toxic marriage with a lot of […]

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Between the back to back hospital visits, back to back weeks unable to wear anything but a hospital gown, enduring endless physical changes and suffering days where she hardly recognized herself, Yvette was ready to reinvent herself. For women who have experienced the physical and emotional trauma associated with cancer recovery the journey to rediscovering […]

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Our Women Empowerment Party will be unlike any other you’ve experienced! You will have the opportunity to be part of an epic group photoshoot experience, will be able to spend the afternoon with dope, encouraging women along with wine, music, and get to watch Corey Photography two women in a live boudoir shoot. Here’s what […]

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1. What made you choose Corey Brandon Boudoir? I like how he captures sensuality and his photos were amazing! 2. What were you nervous about going into your session? Hoping I would be happy with our session. 3. What was your favorite part of the experience? Made me feel comfortable and I like how he […]

Corey Brandon boudoir Houston Texas photography

1. I need to lose 10 pounds first I actually hear this one a lot, I totally disagree a boudoir experience isnt about how you look but more about how you feel. If you start setting artificial boundaries for yourself they will continue to grow, 10 pounds will turn into 15, then 20, and on […]

I never thought in a million years that I’d be a boudoir photographer, it wasn’t until during one of my first family portrait sessions I was asked to do a boudoir maternity shoot. I said ok not knowing what the heck a boudoir was. Once the session started I instantly fell in love it was […]

[Q.] What prep do I need? Hair, nails, Brazilian wax?? [A.] As for pre-session prep theres minimal that you need to do. Hair should be washed free of product, same goes for your skin/makeup. Our hair & makeup artist will glam you up so giving them a blank canvas is best. Now as for waxing […]

[Q.] I have no idea how to pose sexy. Will my pictures come out okay? [A.] Good news: there’s no correct way to “pose sexy”. Sexy is a mindset so it’s going to be unique to you and how you feel. As for posing during our session, I send all my clients my VIP Pinterest […]

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