[Q.] What prep do I need? Hair, nails, Brazilian wax??


[A.] As for pre-session prep theres minimal that you need to do. Hair should be washed free of product, same goes for your skin/makeup. Our hair & makeup artist will glam you up so giving them a blank canvas is best. Now as for waxing I would recommend if you go that route do it a few days before youre session that way your skin has time to heal and isnt red/irritated.

[Q.] Do you have a studio or do you travel to me?

[A.] Most all sessions take place at my studio, occasionally we host special events ie outdoor sessions, or we will rent beautiful penthouse suite. Iam able to travel to you as some clients fly in from out of town and have hotel suites theyd like to use. Travel fees would apply and we can discuss that further if thats something youre interested in.

[Q.] Can I bring a friend to the session?


[A.] Absouelty! The only thing we ask is your friend is your biggest cheerleader and is encouraging. They are welcome to sit with you during your glam session and you can decide if you’re comfortable with them in the room during our session and your various states of dress. We do ask that you not bring significant others as most times these images are a surprise/gift for them and we feel it takes away from the surprise factor.

[Q.] What if I don’t want my images shared online or in your blog?

[A.] Your privacy is paramount to me, I actually only post images with written client approval first. It’s never a requirement and is completely up to you. After our session, we will have our image reveal during this time you get a chance to see your images and we can decide what you are comfortable with sharing and what you aren’t. I always use pseudonyms such as Ms. A or Mrs. H most images I share online are detail shots and don’t show your entire face. Usually, clients feel happy to share their images and love the notion that they may empower other women to decide to have an experience themselves.

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