I am so pleasantly surprised with my session with Corey. It was such an amazing experience.

I was inspired to book a session with him, because I saw his work come across my feed and the women looked absolutely stunning and sexy. I was just getting out of a toxic marriage with a lot of emotional abuse and I hadnt felt pretty like I used to. So I thought that booking a session with Corey would help me feel sexy again. I also was turning 40 and wanted to have photos to remember how sexy I was at 40.

The session left me inspired because I really hadnt seen myself like that in a very long time. He showed me the pictures and even before they were edited, they were GORGEOUS! I felt absolutely beautiful. He made me look sexy and confident!

I recommend EVERY woman books a session! We all need to feel sexy. It doesnt matter if youre single, married, divorced, widowed, thick, skinny, old, young, etc. We all have a certain sexiness about us and Corey can help bring that out!!! Whatever your insecurities are, he knows how to hide them! It is empowering for sure!!!

My favorite part was seeing myself in the pictures the way I was posed for the first time. I was shocked. He told me he would hide my less flattering parts and that the lighting and makeup did wonders but I guess I didnt believe it until I saw it. I was pleasantly surprised. Now I have complete trust in him!!!

Id be glad to talk to anyone privately if you have any questions or hesitation on booking Corey. Just do it! Bring out the beautiful QUEEN you have hiding inside!


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Not a fan of forms? You can also get in touch with Corey via email at : hello@coreybrandonboudoir.com and by the phone at : (832) 789-3718

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