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Lingerie. Nudity. Sex. When a majority of people hear the word boudoir, these are the words that come to mind. Although these elements do often come into play, characterizing the industry this way fails to accurately depict the celebration of beauty and women empowerment that truly defines boudoir.

Its time to clear the fog on what boudoir photography is all about and encourage all women to learn firsthand how boudoir emboldens you to love yourself inside and out!

Boudoir is only for women with perfect bodies.

A lot of women are afraid to try boudoir because they mistakenly believe theyre not skinny enough, dont have the right curves, theyre too old, and the list goes on.

The truth is, you dont need to be a certain age or weight, have flawless features, or even be 100% confident in your body to have a positive boudoir experience! Boudoir is about embracing your unique beauty, not living up to an outdated societal fantasy.

Shy women should not do boudoir.

Boudoir is an intimate experience that takes place in a safe space where you can express yourself and step outside of your comfort zone. The whole point is to push personal boundaries you never thought you could and see how powerful you truly are!

Being overtly sexual is great if thats who you are, but its not a requirement for boudoir. Plus, shyness often translates to coyness on cameraand what isnt sexy about that?

You need to strip down.

If you want to bare it all in your boudoir shoot, go for it! But dont think that nudity is your only option. Wear whatever makes you feel sexy and beautiful, whether its a baggy T-shirt, lacy lingerie, or nothing at all.

Being sexy can mean anything you want it to. The only condition for choosing your boudoir outfit is to wear something that makes you feel fierce!

The only reason to do boudoir is for your partner.

Since when do you need a man (or woman) to do anything?! Boudoir is a special way to empower yourself and create something that helps build your confidence. Treat yourself and celebrate your beauty for YOU and no one else!

Dont miss out on an incredible opportunity to embrace your identity as a strong, powerful, and exquisite woman. Book your luxury boudoir experience with Corey Brandon Studios and see for yourself what its really all about.

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